Our purpose

Generation Alpha Ventures is a UK London based company with offices and presence also in Athens Greece and Moscow Russia.

We are developing, participating and investing in ventures, projects and companies towards advancing Human Intelligence (HI).

“Upgrading Humanity”.

Industry sectors of interest include: Education, Technology, Food and Health, Tourism and hospitality, Media, Marketing, Entertainment.

Generation Alpha Ventures is founded by Yannis Sotirakos (founder and CEO). Our companies have their own teams and management.

If you are interested to be part in any of our projects and ventures, or if you have a project / idea to submit, please contact us now!

“Generation Alpha” and “AOS - Alpha Operating System”: A few more words
  • “Generation Alpha” is a new global generation including the people born in the new millennium (after 2000)
  • The definition has been initiated by “A2K” (www.A2Konline.org in 2006 and has been adopted by “Generation Alpha Ventures”
  • “Generation Alpha” is more than 1,5 billion people today (increasing every day!)
  • The term “Alpha” has been inspired by the fact that – according to A2K’s and Generation Alpha Venture approach – it is this Generation that needs to rethink and restart the world from a blank page. From “Alpha” again. Because “you can not resolve a challenge with the same mindset that created it”
  • This mindset, the Alpha view, is in reality the main Operating system of Humanity. We call it “AOS Alpha Operating System”
  • “AOS – Alpha Operating System” is by definition an inherent capability in children and youth and we believe is essential – if not crucial – to empower and develop it.
  • Because “AOS” together with the help of exponential technologies can become a powerful catalyst for breakthrough innovation, advancement of Human Intelligence (HI) and our civilisation.
Current participations

Marketing / Entertainment / Media

EY ZHN creates live, virtual and digital experiences.

Innovative events, campaigns, platforms and activations to shift brand’s attention to Creators (instead of Consumers).

“Upgrading Humanity”


Tourism / Leisure / Hospitality

Lavish offers high end hospitality and tourism services.

Making use of leisure and free time to explore the world and other people.

Creating lifetime experiences.

“Upgrading Humanity”


Technology / Robotics

Building the first retail robots!

We view robotics and our participation in Fellow Robots as a way and a working example towards helping free people from “non Creator” activities.

“Upgrading Humanity”

Big Bang Education


A new Big Bang of Creation!

Unlocking the real potential of a new global generation, in an era of exponential technology and change. Advancing Human Intelligence (HI).

“Upgrading Humanity”

Technologies and platforms for people

powerX.tech is an invention studio for a new era

Innovative solutions to create, share, learn, connect, work, play, experience, live…

Unlocking the power of exponential technologies to bring “super powers” to people.

“Upgrading Humanity”

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.28.14 PM

Strategic Consultancy

Shaping your future world!

Navigating through 4 major waves of disruption

Purpose / Technology / People / Culture

“Upgrading Humanity”