Positioning and strategy

“Generation Alpha Ventures” is a UK based holding company (offices also in Athens and Moscow) participating and/or investing in companies, projects and ventures towards “Upgrading Humanity”.

We reach each of the three main target groups through different channels and industry sectors

Generation Alpha

(Children and youth of today)


Rising billions

(Mainly developing countries, new web users)

Mobile / digital

Connected billions

(Mainly developed countries)

Marketing / Media / Entertainment
Tourism / Leisure / Exploration
Health / Food / Spirituality
Exponential technology

(transformative technologies, VR, AR, robotics, AI and more)


Three phases in our development


Phase A (years 2016 to 2018)

Setup portfolio of companies and foundation of new ventures. Introduction of new offerings, monetization, experimentation and integration with a focus on digitization.

Main target groups: Generation Alpha and Connected billions


Phase B (years 2019 - 2021)

Expansion and adjustments of offerings.

Main target groups: Generation Alpha, Connected billions, Rising billions

Critical Mass

Phase C (years 2022+)

Our reach, offerings, messages, services, products, technologies, content… is reaching already a few billion people.

Empowered individuals as Creators are a significant percentage of global population.

Advancing our connected intelligence, conciousness, technology and civilization.

Upgrading Humanity.

Current participations

Marketing / Entertainment / Media

EY ZHN creates live, virtual and digital experiences.

Innovative events, campaigns, platforms and activations to shift brand’s attention to Creators (instead of Consumers).

“Upgrading Humanity”

Big Bang Education


A new Big Bang of Creation!

Unlocking the real potential of a new global generation in an era of exponential technologies and change

“Upgrading Humanity”


Tourism / Leisure / Hospitality

Lavish offers high end hospitality and tourism services.

Making use of leisure and free time to explore the world and other people.

Creating lifetime experiences.

“Upgrading Humanity”


Technology / Robotics

Building the first retail robots!

We view robotics and our participation in Fellow Robots as a way to help free people from “non Creator” activities.

“Upgrading Humanity”

Technologies and platforms for people

powerX.tech is an invention studio for a new era

Innovative solutions for people to create, share, learn, connect, work, play, experience, live…

Unlocking the power of exponential technologies to bring “super powers” to people

“Upgrading Humanity”

New Ventures
Project Ideas

We are constantly thinking of new project ideas and would like to open them to the world.

If you think you can or want somehow to be involved, if you have an idea to share, or if you are interested to be part of our existing or future ventures, please contact us and let’s discuss!


A VR or AR “place” and community that imitates the dynamics of the few Creators places on Earth (like Silikon Valley). Only difference that access increases from a few million to a few billion! Starting from Greece. Upgrading humanity!


Innovative, interactive, motion based school furniture for Creators


A web / TV series to discover Generation Alpha through visiting Schools of the world


Embark the Ark. An innovative new community based platform in the area of media, advertising and marketing. Disrupting the broken Advertising industry. Targeted to Creators instead of Consumers.


VR/AR assisted tourism and cultural experiences that allow us to “live” and better understand our past, present and future

HI (Human Intelligence)

Transformational technologies and systems that help increase our intellect and spiritual capabilities


A VR/AR assisted system that helps us view the world in a different way. Forgetting what we know. Starting from a blanc page. From “Alpha” again


An online global community, forum and web channel for Generation Alpha. Peer to peer empowerment by example


A yearly event and conference, building around our main theme