10 Dec 2015

6. Poseidon

An exploration vessel to explore and discover marine environments

In combination with technologies like VR/AR, underwater drones etc.

Protecting and learning about our home.

“Upgrading Humanity”

10 Dec 2015

5. Trip food

A street food concept based on healthy gastro-street food

Inspired by local and international food traditions.

Better food, better health!

“Upgrading Humanity”

10 Dec 2015

4. Alpha Polis & Camp

A themed park / summer park for Creators.

The place where U CAN be today what U CAN become tomorrow!

Discovering your Creator powers.

“Upgrading Humanity”

10 Dec 2015

3. Alpha Reach

Connecting the world’s largest challenges with the world’s most innovative minds.

Unlocking the power of children and youth and a new global generation which – by definition – runs with the “Alpha Operating System – AOS”

Transforming schools into global innovation hubs for our planet. Advancing Human Intelligence (HI)

“Upgrading Humanity”

Visit Alpha Reach website here

10 Dec 2015

2. Alpha Schools

Schools for Creators!

Disrupting Education.

An innovative educational and social approach for a new Education system.

Re-designed for times of exponential change.

Transforming Generation Alpha into the Creators of the Future and schools into the Innovation hubs of our planet.

“Upgrading Humanity”

Visit Alpha Schools website here

10 Dec 2015

1. Alpha labs

A unique edu-tainment retail network of Creator spaces.

Targeted mainly to Generation Alpha.

Unleashing the Creator within with the help of exponential technologies

Robotics, 3D printing, VR, Coding and more

“Upgrading Humanity”

Visit Alpha labs website here