Our purpose

Upgrading Humanity!

Step 1. Unleashing our true potential. Humanity as Creators
Step 2. Human + Machine symbiosis. Humanity as Creators. Machines as tools
Our target group: Humanity. Starting with Generation Alpha!
  • Generation Alpha
  • Rising billions
  • Connected billions
Generation Alpha

1,5+ billion people (and counting) form what we call “Generation Alpha” A new global generation born in the new millennium, having – by definition – a clear, unbiased view of the world. The “AOS” Alpha Operating System and mindset.

Connected billions

3+ billion existing internet users. Mainly the developed world. Only a small part of this group acts currently as CREATORS. A huge potential to unlock Human Intelligence (HI).

Rising billions

2,5+ billion about to be new internet users. Mainly from developing countries. Also equipped with what we call the “AOS” (Alpha Operating System and mindset).

“Generation Alpha” and “AOS - Alpha Operating System”: A few more words
  • “Generation Alpha” is a new global generation including the people born in the new millennium (after 2000)
  • The definition has been initiated by “A2K” (www.A2Konline.org) in 2006 and has been adopted by “Generation Alpha Ventures”
  • “Generation Alpha” is more than 1,5 billion people today (increasing every day!)
  • The term “Alpha” has been inspired by the fact that – according to A2K’s and Generation Alpha Venture approach – it is this Generation that needs to rethink and restart the world from a blanc page. From “Alpha” again. Because “you can not resolve a challenge with the same mindset that created it”
  • This innovative, disruptive mindset and “operating system” is by definition an inherent capability of children and youth. We call it “AOS” or Alpha Operating System and it is one key element that we should empower and develop for a new global generation.
  • The “Alpha Operating System – AOS” if combined together with exponential technologies can become the most powerful catalyst for breakthrough innovation,  advancing Human Intelligence (HI) and our civilization.